Miles Report

[The following report has been recovered from File Codename: Northern Sun]


Thank you again for sending me to this little hick town. Did I really mess up that badly? No, don’t answer that. It’s been more interesting than I expected, so you are forgiven.

I got here, what, last night? That doesn’t sound right, but then again time seems to crawl on its knees around here. The Last Inn is worse than you expected, even if it does look like the new owner is trying to make repairs. Still, there was a leak in my room, and I don’t like the smell of lemons. She also has failed to take advantage of the opportunity to change the name, but I haven’t given up on making some subtle hints. The innkeeper this Mayor Geld has dug up, some girl called Erin Smith, was clearly a last ditch effort on his part. Her “partner” is little more than a bellboy/janitor who seems to have no spine to speak of. I’ve met braver yowlings, and they run at the sound of a door opening.

As for Smith, she has no experience or any qualifications that I can see, except for an astonishing amount of anger and the willingness to put it to good use. If a guest ever attempts to take advantage of this inn’s hospitality, I hope I’m there to watch. That said, the girl has no attachment to the inn and could walk away at any moment if a better opportunity showed itself. She does know how to get the most out of it though, which reminds me: you owe me for this little trip, and my fee […]

[Portion of the report regarding pay has been misplaced]

[…] [T]ell the weather mage he knows his stuff. Everything came right on cue, although I could have used some more warning about the sunlight. That was not a five minute headstart, whatever he says. Despite that I was able to find what I was looking for, and if you come through on that research I will be grateful enough to keep quiet about that little “incident.” You know the one. Just keep it off the record for now, until I’m sure. There’s no reason for word to get out if either of us is wrong, right?

The capital may receive word of a monster or creature in the area soon, which you can disregard. One of the local farms had some problems with a cannishift, but that won’t be a problem anymore. I don’t know what brought it this far south, and considering the level of ignorance this place does its best to hold on to I doubt any of the townspeople can give an answer. It could have been hiding out here for months before it found the chance to settle in on the farm, and the way these people were going about it the cannishift would have taken out all of the livestock before they thought to check out the last animal standing.

As for reports of a strange wolf, I have looked into it and believe it to be nothing to worry about for now. Even if it does become a problem, he’s nothing that I can’t handle. Since the capital intends to maintain tabs on this place anyways, I will graciously volunteer to keep an eye on both issues in between taking care of the bounties. It should be more interesting than doing anymore of that paperwork. Seriously, how do you stay sane working in that place? That much boredom and stress cannot be healthy.

You can tell the powers that be that after consideration, I have found the Last Inn to be in capable hands, although follow up shall be necessary to ensure repairs, quality of service, self-financing, and so on. Fluff that up into something nice for me and turn it in to the chief, will you? I’m not sending anymore direct reports to him if he keeps insisting on ridiculous formalities.

I have received your message and will begin the journey to Circa tomorrow night. You’re welcome.


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