Miles Report 2

[The following report has been recovered from File Codename: Northern Sun]


Sometimes I believe that you have the worst timing. Really, the one time you step out of the office and you miss me. Someone would almost believe you planned it that way.

Sorry that I couldn’t wait around for you to get back from whatever it is you do, but it seems someone is eager to get me out of the city. The Madame is overplaying her hand again. No doubt she hopes a trip to the mountains will put me out of the way for the rest of the winter, but I’m afraid I will have to disappoint her.

I noticed that your weather mage stepped out as well. Probably for the best. I can’t afford another strike on my record at the moment, but I think I left a clear enough message sprayed across the floor of his workroom. If he has any sense, he will stay out of my way until these burns heal, and even then I better not hear any of that “weather is unpredictable” nonsense again.

I left the Circa sorceress with the wizards. They said they should be able to undo whatever spell she’s under after a little trial and error, but you may want to keep an eye on them all the same. The woman does not waste time, and unless the chief is looking to start a petting zoo he may not like what he finds. Once they figure it out, you will need to send one of the wizards to Circa to take care of the others.

[Omitted: address of the guardian of the sorceress’s victims]

The man has trust issues, especially when magic is involved. That’s the main reason I chose him to look after the woman’s “pets,” but whoever you send is going to have an interesting time. I suggest Douglas.

Too bad it won’t help with that other problem. From what the wizards who were willing to talk to me said, it sounds like her spell is probably just a twist on some generic one. Apparently, even that’s complicated enough to undo, yet more proof that magic is not worth the effort. I suppose you were right about looking into other options until we can get some cooperation on the other end.

I found the other reports. Made for some interesting reading, but are you sure? Some of these witnesses sound as if they could not identify a wolf if it sat in front of them and howled the tune to “The Soldier’s Dandelion.” There are at least six that claim to have seen it at night, so those can be tossed out, as well as the one from Circa. I met the man, and he would have a hard time seeing anything if it wasn’t in the bottom of his glass.

Only three of them sound close enough to be our mark. I put them under the basket of apples on your desk. Got them for free on my ride back to the city, and I know how much you love apples. Those three should be enough to give me something to look into while I’m tracking down this hatter.

If you find anything else, send it to my com. Use the Barren code, just to be safe. Oh, and sorry about the drawings on those papers, I hope they weren’t important. Be a dear and scrap them for me, would you? Unless you get bored and want something to look into, of course.

Next time I’m in the city, you can call in a few favors of your own.


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