140320_125930 Erin Smith is the new keeper of the Last Inn. Stubborn and headstrong, she hoped to use the profits from the inn to move to the capital city. Now, she just hopes she can keep the place open.

140320_133244 Kota is a secretive young man who bears a curse in the shape of a sunburst over his left eye. Sunlight transforms him into the shape of a wolf, and he came to the inn in search of cure. Instead, he became Erin’s partner, at least in name.

Miles is a vampire who works for the government as a bounty hunter. He seems to have taken an interest in the inn and its inhabitants.

Eli Smith, Erin’s father and the town’s blacksmith. Intimidating and rarely seen with a smile, it’s well known that he does not approve of Erin taking over the inn.

Mayor Geld, a small man who frequently turns to the blacksmith for guidance and approval.

Daniel Sollis was the previous keeper of the Last Inn. An old man known to rarely leave the inn, it is questionable why the witch would send Kota to him for a cure for his curse.


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